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This article, “Challenging Health Care Law, Suit Advances” by Kevin Sack from The New York Times discusses the latest news on the lawsuit filed against the new health care reform acts. Sack does not really take a particular perspective, but objectively describes the events and progress of the suit.  The basis of the lawsuit is that states, specifically Florida, are arguing that it is unconstitutional to require everyone to have insurance, to tax as a penalty, and to require the states to pay for the health care changes.  The interesting aspect of this is who has created and is arguing the lawsuit; state plaintiffs and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

One of Marx main focuses is class.  He focuses specifically on the Dialectic Method; the differences in interests between the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat, or the capitalists and workers.  Marx would find it intriguing that a law that was created to allow more workers to attain the benefits of health care is encountering so much resistance from the capitalists.  Marx argues that the capitalists own the means of production, and their goal is to make a profit.  Workers, on the other hand, merely own their own labor and are therefore exploited by the capitalists.  For years that is how our health care system has worked.  The capitalists, or upper classes, have received coverage and health benefits, while workers, or lower classes, have encountered countless battles in the health care system in obtaining coverage, as well as high medical bills.

The workers finally were rewarded with action through this reform.  Immediately upon instating the reform, however, the capitalists began to resist, angry that they have to pay for the workers health coverage through taxes and state funding. Their approaches in the lawsuit seem to be successful though, as the case will be moving to the Supreme Court under the arguments against taxing and “forcing” people to be have health insurance.


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